Martin pushes LPFM and DTV leasing


How can the FCC help more small businesses get into the communications field? In an appearance before the House Small Business Committee, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin cited leasing of DTV multicast channels and low power FM stations as opportunities for small businesses. He praised in particular the arrangement that has the Post-Newsweek Stations carrying Latino Alternative TV (LATV) on its DTV multicast channels in Miami, Orlando, Houston and San Antonio.

Here, then, is what Martin has to say about LPFM: "The Commission has taken some important steps to provide more opportunity for small businesses in radio with the advent of the Low Power FM Service. Low Power FM provides a lower-cost opportunity for more new voices to get into the local radio market. The Commission currently is considering an Order that would ensure that LPFM stations have reasonable access to limited radio spectrum."

RBR observation: What? Does the Chairman of the FCC not know that no business, large or small, can own an LPFM? They are strictly non-commercial and must be owned by a qualified non-profit organization.