Maryland radio station punished for silence


FCCDead air is the bane of broadcasters everywhere. And if it’s prolonged, and occurs without FCC permission, it is an actionable offense, as WRTI-AM Brunswick MD just found out.

The station is owned by WTRI Holding LLC.

The station was given a notice of apparent liability in March of 2014, which has now graduated to the forfeiture notice level.

According to the FCC, a station has a 30-day limit for going silent without approval. Any longer than that and an STA must be acquired from the Commission.

WTRI was said to be silent for a period of seven months without permission. It offered no explanation, and is now liable for a $5,000 forfeiture.
WTRI calls itself Radio Asia. It’s a Class D on 1520 kHz with 17 kW-D. Its hometown is up the Potomac from Washington DC, and is much closer to Frederick MD, located a few miles to the northeast.

The station has applied for a license renewal, and the FCC said that won’t be happening until this matter is settled via payment of the fine.