Matt Feinberg leaves Zenith Media


After some 11 years, Matt Feinberg, SVP/National Radio; SVP/Director, Interactive Broadcast; Director/Radio, Zenith Media Services, has left the building in that company’s latest round of layoffs. In an interview with RBR, Feinberg says he’s going to throw his hat in the ring as a freelance media consultant with an eye toward going full-time again.

"Unfortunately the current economic climates makes for some hard choices. I had a great run at Zenith and under the leadership of Peggy Green, Rich Hamilton, and of late Tim Jones. Zenith has grown into a force in the media world. I’m proud of my time there, the work my team did, and the clients we helped. We broke ground in the streaming media space and pioneered some basic practices for handling interactive broadcast. It was hard, but the personal thanks I received from clients for our efforts really made me feel like we were on the right track. I leave behind a lot of good friends, and look forward to new opportunities in the strategic planning and execution of traditional, digital and emerging media."

Feinberg has been recognized nationally as an expert in radio advertising and a pioneer in digital media. His leadership in spearheading the General Mills digital TV upfront puts him at the front of the growing streaming video business. He continues his consulting practice and can be reached at [email protected] or 917-445-4627