Mazda to integrate Pandora in dash


PandoraMazda has joined the roster of car makers who have announced plans to integrate Pandora into their radios/dash. Mazda models that will feature Pandora are expected to be available at dealers beginning in the fall. The Mazda in-dash entertainment system will support Pandora functions such as thumbs-up, thumbs-down and track skip. In-car connectivity is made possible via a paired iPhone running the Pandora app.

To date, Pandora has announced partnerships with a total of 19 automotive brands and seven aftermarket manufacturers to offer personalized radio via the in-dash entertainment system using the connectivity of a smartphone. There are more than 50 models that feature Pandora currently available at dealerships with additional models expected this year.


  1. I just purchased a Mazda CX5 and it has Pandora in the dash radio. I wanted Sirus but Pandora is what I got. My question is can I install it on my radio without having to use my IPOD. Right now I downloaded Pandora the upgraded version on my IPOD and when I want to play in my car I have to make sure my IPO is in the car so my bluetooth on the radio can par with it. I just want to go turn on the radio and have Pandora play without having to bring mu IPOD everytime i go somewhere. It has to be an easier way to play Pandora. Why have it in the dash if you have to bring your ipod in order to play it through the radio. Thank you.

  2. Hi Pamela–

    You need a cellular or WiFi connection to play Pandora in the Mazda. The iPhone/iPod Touch will sync with Pandora in the dash and provide that connection via Bluetooth. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for your reply. Also once my stations have synced with my IPod to my radio, do I have to keep bring my ipod with me when i drive or will my stations stay synced in my radio permantely.

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