MBM Radio continues its South Texas growth campaign


SoldRoberto Gonzalez and his MBM Radio have been snapping up stations in the Rio Grande area of Texas around Laredo and Del Rio, and now he has a deal in place for another one. KDRX-FM is licensed to Laughlin AFB TX, and will nestle in nicely between one of his up-and-running FMs and another he is intending to construct.

The seller is J.B. Salazar. He’ll rake in $600K for the station – and he won’t have to worry about any seller paper or delayed payment or failure on the part of the buyer to come up with the dough at closing – according to the contract, the full amount has already been placed in escrow for release to Salazar on closing day.

Gonzalez is using license company MBM Radio Del Rio LLC to acquire the station. It is a subsidiary of his MB Revolution LLC.

KDRX is a Class A on 106.9 MHz with 6 kW @ 328’.

It has contour overlap with KTDR-FM Del Rio to its west, and it will have contour overlap with KVDR-FM Brackettville to its east once construction of the latter station is completed. KTDR and KVDR will not overlap each other, however, so the KDRX acquisition will create two different FM duopolies.

Gonzalez has been on a buying spree in the area that began during the summer of 2011. Most recently prior to this deal, he filed to buy the aforementioned KTDR for $25K.

In January he filed to acquire an AM and two FMs in Laredo, along with rights to continue an LMA with a third FM.

2011 deals gave him entry into the unrated Eagle Pass and Uvalde areas.