McAllen low power sold


LPTVSomebody obviously believes there is a future in low power broadcast television, and the evidence is in the form of an application and contract for the sale of KNUC-LP in McAllen TX.

The station is currently listed as licensed but silent in the FCC database. It is operating on analog Channel 69, and has a CP to relocate to digital Channel 44.

The seller is JIL Production Group LLC, headed by Jose Ignacio Larraga. JIL acquired the station as a donation from Faith Pleases God Corporation in a transaction arrived at back in November of 2009.

The buyer is Eduardo S. Gallegos.

The price the station is commanding is an impressive $600K. Gallegos will pay $10K in earnest money, make a $150K escrow deposit, pay $90K in cash at closing, and strike a promissory note for the remaining $350K, payable at the rate of $14,583.33 per month over two years.

McAllen is part of the Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen Nielsen DMA.

RBR-TVBR observation: There are all kinds of interesting implications here. Not only do we have a low power television station, existing without the protections afforded to Class A and full power stations, we have one right across the border from Mexico – in fact, right across the border from numerous Mexican broadcast television stations.

The sooner the buyer gets authorized for digital operation the better as far as its future prospects are concerned, with the incentive auction program on its way. And on top of the insecurity faced by LPTVs, McAllen’s channel repacking will be complicated by the need for an international treaty with Mexico.

On the plus side for the station is the question as to just how much interest there will be in McAllen airspace for wireless purposes.

The contract for the sale of the station does not specifically mention any of this, but it appears to our non-lawyerly mind that there is a small amount of wiggle room inserted into the document that may make it possible to unwind the deal should the station’s future appear to be jeopardized.