Measuring America’s Aptitude for Apps


SmartphoneNielsen has a new study out shows time spent with digital apps is increasing at a rapid rate. The number of options to spend time with is also on the rise. However, another key metric is not really increasing at all.

There are also measureable variations in the way apps are used by men as opposed to women.

Nielsen said time spent increased a whopping 63% from Q4 2012 to Q4 2014, rising from 23:02 to 37:28. Those are hours and minutes per month of app use.

Nielsen commented, “So the reward for being one of the chosen apps is heavy engagement by the user.”

What is not increasing underscores that comment, because the number of apps engaged is static despite the increasing time spent. That means the selected apps really are benefitting from increased engagement.

As for the different usage patterns, men tend to use more apps but spend less time. The numbers are 27.2 apps and 36:51.

Women are the opposite: 26.3 and 38:02.