Media Monitors looks at Cannabis Act radio flight


RBR-TVBR exclusive:

Media Monitors’ Dwight Douglas has sent RBR-TVBR radio ad data on The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 initiative in California. Supporters have taken to radio in SF and LA to start building support. Douglas tells RBR-TVBR this is the first week of data and that they are also checking to see if there are any other action committees, or groups, such as NORML running ads. So far, the stations getting the ads in SF and LA include CBS Radio’s KROQ-FM; and Cumulus’ KSAN-FM and KFOG-FM.

RBR-TVBR observation: While this is only the first week of ads, we note that the stations are Rock, Modern Rock and AAA – the most likely group of voters that will already vote Yes. We might suggest stations that represent more folks likely to be “on the fence” demographically. In LA, for example, that might mean KBIG-FM, KOST-FM, KFI-AM and KNX-AM.

Media Monitors® Spot Analysis Detail
Radio, TV, Cable, Newspapers — Panel: losangeles/sanfrancisco radio stations — Keyword: regulate
3/29/2010 to 4/5/2010
TV/Cable filter: All Buys, including Pending Verification and NA


Media selection includes: KABC-AM/Los Angeles, KAMP-FM/Los Angeles, KBIG-FM/Los Angeles, KBUA-FM/Los Angeles, KCBS-FM/Los Angeles, KDAY-FM/Los Angeles, KFI-AM/Los Angeles, KFWB-AM/Los Angeles, KHHT-FM/Los Angeles, KIIS-FM/Los Angeles, KJLH-FM/Los Angeles, KKGO-FM/Los Angeles, KLAC-AM/Los Angeles, KLAX-FM/Los Angeles, KLOS-FM/Los Angeles, KLVE-FM/Los Angeles, KLYY-FM/Los Angeles, KNX-AM/Los Angeles, KOST-FM/Los Angeles, KPWR-FM/Los Angeles, KRCD-FM/Los Angeles, KROQ-FM/Los Angeles, KRTH-FM/Los Angeles, KSCA-FM/Los Angeles, KSPN-AM/Los Angeles, KSSE-FM/Los Angeles, KSWD-FM/Los Angeles, KTLK-AM/Los Angeles, KTWV-FM/Los Angeles, KXOL-FM/Los Angeles, KXOS-FM/Los Angeles, KYSR-FM/Los Angeles, KBLX-FM/San Francisco, KBRG-FM/San Francisco, KBWF-FM/San Francisco, KCBS-AM/San Francisco, KCNL-FM/San Francisco, KDFC-FM/San Francisco, KFOG-FM/San Francisco, KGO-AM/San Francisco, KIOI-FM/San Francisco, KISQ-FM/San Francisco, KITS-FM/San Francisco, KKGN-AM/San Francisco, KKSF-FM/San Francisco, KLLC-FM/San Francisco, KMEL-FM/San Francisco, KMVQ-FM/San Francisco, KNBR-AM/San Francisco, KNEW-AM/San Francisco, KOIT-FM/San Francisco, KRZZ-FM/San Francisco, KSAN-FM/San Francisco, KSFO-AM/San Francisco, KSOL-FM/San Francisco, KTCT-AM/San Francisco, KYLD-FM/San Francisco

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