Oh, O’Reilly! Auto Parts Present, But No Dealers


There’s not a lot of change on the top half of the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Radio report, which is good news for stations tracked by the iHeartMedia-owned service.

This suggests clients are committed to radio campaigns and aren’t using the medium sporadically. At the same time, there’s a noticeable new effort from an auto parts supply store worth mentioning.

New at No. 9 with a new audio campaign is O’Reilly Auto Parts. The retailer is in the Spot Ten for the week ending October 21 thanks to 19,147 spots.

That puts O’Reilly ahead of Subway, one of two QSRs in this week’s report.

The presence of O’Reilly comes on the heels of a new study from Nielsen and the Southern California Broadcasters Association demonstrating the power of audio advertising and ROI it presents to the region’s car and truck vendors who have opted to invest in radio spots.

On a national level, no auto dealer association’s efforts made the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report. This suggests the automotive category has a long way to go outside of San Diego and Los Angeles.

The leader again? To little surprise it is GEICO, with Walgreens a respectable No. 3.