Media News: CBS, Disney, MFM, ION


CBSIn today’s media notes, CBS and ION are sending out dividends, Disney is investing in China and Sinclair and Univision execs are chairing an upcoming MFM event.

* CBS is sending out a Happy New Year’s quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share on 1/1/15. The distribution will go to shareholders of record as of 12/11/14.

* Disney has entered into an agreement with China’s Shanghai Media Group, expanding an existing relationship. The two corporations will cooperate on matters related to TV content development, movie production, content distribution and marketing.

* Co-Chairs have been named for the MFM CFO Summit to be held in Fort Lauderdale 2/26-27/15 – they are David Amy, EVP/COO for Sinclair, and Marc Manahan, SVP/CFO for Univision Local Media.

* ION Media is planning a dividend of about $225M, it says. It will base the distribution on the number of outstanding shares as of 12/2/14.