Media services available for political use


The presidential candidates get most of the ink, and most of the campaign cash, but there are thousands of other elections taking place underneath that marquee event. A service called Political Advertising Program has been put together by a company called Spot Runner, which provides a number of media services priced to fit almost any political budget. The service was founded by political pros and internet entrepreneurs Nick Grouf and David Waxman, and boasts a bipartisan advisory board featuring political names like Bill Bradley, Mike Murphy, Dan Schnur and Bob Shrum. The service helps with creative for television, radio and online advertising. It offers both an extensive library of pre-produced, topical, customizable material, or production services that can quickly turn around candidate-supplied creative. It also offers market analysis that helps a budget-strapped candidate maximize the value of air time by super-targeting the appropriate audience. The service is available for use by candidates and public interest organizations. More info is available at