MediaBank integrates with Mediaguide for ad management


MediaBank, a provider of integrated technology solutions that help marketers and agencies manage the media buying process, announced its integration with Mediaguide, a radio monitoring and broadcast verification provider. The partnership incorporates MediaBank O|X, the industry’s first fully-integrated cross-media buying solution, with Mediaguide’s real-time radio monitoring system.

"This partnership is a major step toward making radio a more dynamic and transparent media type," said Brad Keywell, co-founder of MediaBank. "By receiving near real-time feedback on paid radio content through the MediaBank O|X and Mediaguide integration, media buyers and advertisers can make informed business decisions with optimal speed and effectiveness."

As the advertising industry becomes more focused on ROI, the partnership between MediaBank and Mediaguide gives advertisers greater control and transparency. The integrated solution helps turn otherwise unmanageable data into actionable information by delivering insight into campaigns in a single day rather than a month or more, as has historically been the case.

"It’s always been difficult to demonstrate the significance of radio in advertising," said Mike Morin, SVP/Sales and Business Development for Mediaguide. "We surveyed other media management systems that proved inflexible and difficult for integration. However, MediaBank’s open technology platform allowed for easy integration and the creation of a new tool that will increase advertiser confidence in radio as a powerful advertising medium and effectively demonstrate its ROI."

MediaBank is built on an open architecture platform, which enables it to quickly integrate with other data sources and adapt as media types proliferate. The integration of MediaBank and Mediaguide has further enhanced the robust offerings provided to MediaBank O|X customers.