Medical company moving into Orlando radio biz


WEUS-AM in the Orlando FL market is going into an LMA with MultiCorp International, Inc./XTend Medical Corporation. MultiCorp intends to eventually buy the station, and look for more stations for its budding group-to-be.

The landlord/seller-to-be is Star Over Orlando Inc, headed by Carl Como Tutera and his son, Carmine Tutera.

MultiCorp will establish a new company, Rival Sports Group Inc., to run the station, and will change its calls to WRSO. It expects to take over operation of the station 7/30/12.

LMA generally stands for local marketing agreement when used in relation to broadcast stations, but in this case it stands for lease management agreement.

Other than noting that it intends to buy the station outright within two years, MultiCorp CEO Paul D. Lisenby did not reveal any of the terms of the agreement.

Lisenby noted that the advice of the Tuteras would be instrumental going forward as the company looks for additional acquisition targets.

Explaining the company’s plans, Lisenby said, “The radio station will operate under a newly formed Florida corporation, Rivalz Sports Group, Inc. and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. Our long term plan is to establish WRSO in Orlando by eventually locating the station within a restaurant facility wherein live sports radio will be broadcast as diners enjoy a first class restaurant/media experience. The company is currently searching for a facility that falls under our strict guidelines for adequate space to facilitate the entire operation. This concept will be replicated in other major cities that the company feels will sustain growth and profitability.”