Meet Marketron’s New ‘SVP of Client Success’


Marketron, the provider of enterprise revenue management and digital software solutions, is welcoming a 25-year sales and service leader to a role that makes him the company’s SVP of Client Success.

His chief task: the Marketron SaaS and digital client success teams.

Earning the role is Christian Kligora. He served as VP of Client Success for Gannett and the USA Today national brands and executive accounts team. He has partnered with companies including James Hardie Industries, Centura Health, Leprino Foods and hundreds of SMBs to help them better understand consumer buying journeys and simplify the fragmented advertising space, Marketron said.

“I’m excited to be working with the fantastic team at Marketron to create a client experience that’s a win for everyone — for us, for our clients and for their customers,”  Kligora said. “While I have years of experience on the client success side, I also know what it’s like to be a salesperson trying to sell digital products. So, I appreciate both the Marketron SaaS platform, which makes it easy for radio and TV stations to play in the digital space, and the company’s dedication to investing in strong, long-term client relationships that drive success all around. I believe that together we can build something truly amazing for Marketron clients.”