Member of frequent TV guest class silenced


Speculation is that Chris Kofinis will be less able to pursue an avocation – appearing on political talk shows as part of the 24/7 cable news and commentary cycle. That’s thanks to incoming Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has tapped Kofinis as his chief of staff.

That is what Capitol Hill political newspaper/website Politico is reporting, at any rate.

Kofinis is said to have been on the staff of two aspiring Democratic presidential candidates, Wesley Clark and John Edwards, and has provided advice for the Democratic Governors Association.

Manchin is coming into the Senate proclaiming his independence from straight-line party politics, indicating that he will be more than willing to work with senators across the aisle and break with his own party when he deems it necessary. According to Politico, Kofinis will be a perfect fit with this legislative philosophy. He is said to be pragmatic, and able to work with others toward a goal without compromising his core principles.

What may be compromised is his ability to continue being a frequent guest on political programming. Politico says his visits to MSNBC, Fox News Channel and other outlets may have to be limited if he joins up with Manchin.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is not in the same class as an active fulltime broadcaster moving into a management role on Capitol Hill – Kofinis is first and foremost a political operative, albeit one that happens to get face time on television.

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