Meredith reups TV/magazine show for season #6


Multimedia Meredith Corporation specializes in magazines and television stations, and its syndicated The Better Show is a combination of both. It utilizes the type of material found in Meredith magazines and puts it not only on Meredith television stations, but also on those of other high profile television groups.

Meredith said the program, which kicks off its next season in September, is in 135 markets, has cleared four of the top five and has been ordered by groups including CBS, Lin, Sinclair, Hearst, Newport, Gray, Northwest and New Age.

“As we move into our sixth season starting this fall, we are encouraged by the increased interest we are seeing from station groups who want this programming,” said Kieran Clarke, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Meredith Video Studios.  “Clearly, our content is resonating with viewers and advertisers.”

Describing the program, Meredith stated, “The Better Show has evolved into a network-like daily product with a strong celebrity component. It leverages Meredith’s home, shelter, and parenting expertise and is based on content from category-leading brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Family Circle, More and Fitness. It is now being shot at new high-definition studios in Manhattan, and last season marked the arrival of JD Roberto, who joined Audra Lowe as co-host.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This is not only cross-promotion at its finest, it is cross-utilization of assets at its finest. It’s an example for us all.