Merlin Marlin tweaks CBS again


The Merlin Marlin is busy with his (her?) word processing software and email account again. Having already poked fun at CBS Radio in Chicago, the Marlin is now focusing on the New York Market.

Noting the recent launch of All-News WEMP-FM New York by Merlin Media, the Marlin wrote CBS Radio Sr. VP and New York Market Manager Don Bouloukos to suggest that WINS-AM might need to revise its slogan that it is “New York’s one and only all news station” – perhaps to say it is the only AM station with 24 hour news.

Since CBS itself owns WCBS-AM, the Marlin’s letter suggested that the slogan had been an “obvious shot” by WINS at its sister station, which also airs baseball play-by-play and some other programming which isn’t news.

“All of us at Merlin look up to WINS as an important part of the history of American radio broadcasting. I’m sure that you would not intentionally tarnish the gold standard image of America’s oldest all-news station by deliberately broadcasting false claims,” said the letter.

RBR-TVBR observation: Gee, it sure is fun to have Randy back in radio. 
Note: FCC clears license transfers to Merlin Media