Method Brings “Clean Happy” campaign to TV


Method, the leading innovator in premium, environmentally-conscious household and personal care products, launched its first ever TV campaign in a regional test. The 12-year-old company is bringing its “Clean Happy” digital campaign to the next level with a cable buy in seven markets throughout 2013. A blend of high frequency cable, targeted online video, display and social media support is designed to help Method grow brand awareness and deepen engagement in key markets in the US and Canada.

In 2012, Method introduced its “Clean Happy” videos in the social media channel with 90+ approval ratings and grew its Facebook community nearly 10 fold. Now, through engaging lyrics, Method employees and a quirky singer highlight the challenges of the current cleaning experience and tell the story of how Method can inspire a happy, healthy home. Each video demonstrates the unique experience of cleaning with Method, which brings together bold color, vivid fragrance, sleek design, and non-toxic formulas.

Testing in social media has allowed the brand to progress to a regional cable TV ad and national digital buy by adapting existing creative assets for broader scale channels.

Method partnered with Mekanism to create and produce the campaign, which includes 15, 30 and 60-second spots featuring Method’s core products. The ads will run in markets including San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia and can be seen on Bravo, E! and Food Network. The spots serve as an invitation to join the ‘People Against Dirty’ on Facebook, where fans have access to ‘Method of the Month’ deals, discounts and product promotions, giving people a new way to clean happy each month.