Miami radio fixture Neil Rogers dies at 68


Former WQAM-AM Miami talker/shock jock Neil Rogers has been hospitalized since November, following multiple strokes and heart attacks since retiring in 2009. He did not make a recovery and passed away on 12/24 of congestive heart failure. Rogers, born Nelson Roger Behelfer on Nov. 5, 1942, died at the Vitas Hospice at Florida Medical Center, Broward County, according to his longtime friend and lawyer, Norman E. Kent.

Rogers ended his radio career in 2009 on Beasley’s WQAM after 33 years on the air in Miami. Rogers agreed to a settlement with Beasley Broadcast Group which took him off the air in June, a year after he’d signed a new five-year contract, and made him a consultant. He’d been off the air since the previous month, having been suspended by WQAM for dropping an f-bomb on the air.

His caustic delivery and liberal views (he was openly gay) made him enemies as well as fans, but also delivered big ratings. He took his successful show from WKAT-AM to WNWS-AM, WINZ-AM, WZTA-FM, WIOD-AM and finally to WQAM.