Here’s Where Radio Beats Google For Advertisers


The daily newspaper, like the AM and FM radio station, may be viewed as a relic among today’s media buyers and planners — many of whom have a MTA Metrocard in their pocket (or under the sole of their shoes) at all times and consume much of their media while wearing earbuds.

Yet, for the advertiser, digital solutions may be more problematic than they initially thought, thanks to the influence of these buyers and planners, agency reps who continue to push digital, and clients who want those pesky, perky millennials that never seem to have as much money to spend as their parents.

The Wall Street Journal, as “legacy media,” obviously has a bit of a bone to pick with digital advertising solutions. After all, dollars it’s not getting is lost revenue, so any negative news tied to Google or Facebook ad metrics is good news for the WSJ, right?

Well, the latest salvo on the dangers of digital media is actually more good ammo for the radio industry and the Radio Advertising Bureau. Why, you ask?

When’s the last time an advertiser suspended ads on your radio station for its placement alongside “extremist content”?

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