A Historical Look At Radio’s Power To Heal


Alternative FCC inspector Ken Benner last week received a special request from a listener-turned-reader to help him recall a radio commercial from the 1960s that he believes deserves a comeback, following a surprise presidential election, the observance of Veterans’ Day, and the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday. 

By Ken Benner

For those of us who enjoy writing, there is nothing more gratifying than to hear from someone who reads what we write with suggestions for subjects involving current issues, questions to be researched, or a means to simplify the path for a problem’s solution.

I was gratified for such a message received from a reader who was a listener during my on-air heyday back in the 1960s.

He recalled a 60-second spot I cut for a group of three of our ad clients — a car dealer, a furniture store owner, and a soft drink bottler.

All of whom requested they not be identified during the minute-long spot.

It was an unusual request, indeed.

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