Michael Reagan: Media creates conflicts for ratings


Michael ReaganThe former Premiere- and Radio America-syndicated talker blasted mainstream media networks 9/30 during a radio interview on KCAA-AM Riverside, CA.

Reagan said 24/7 news channels create problems to get ratings. He also complained that republicans have allowed conservative talk radio and Fox News to lead the party because the party “has no leader, no message and no messenger.”

Reagan said the Republican party must convey messages of inclusion, like those that elected his father and it must stop fearing the criticisms of conservative talk show hosts. He acknowledged that the Republican party is the minority party in America and therefore it can’t win elections without some support from independents and democrats.

Reagan appeared on “Making Sense With Steve Leser,” a weekly show that airs  2 p.m. Pacific each Monday on KCAA. Leser, a liberal, is a regular guest on Fox News, RT and “The Blaze”.  Leser has become a popular guest of Neil Cavuto and recently appeared with Laura Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor.