Michaels clears the racks of WRAX


Operating under the licensee name Radioactive LLC, Benjamin L. Homel, better known as Randy Michaels, amassed a number of FM CPs during recent FCC auctions. And as has been his habit of late, he’s selling one off. This time it’s in an unrated portion of Michigan.

The FM CP has call letters WRAX in place, and is earmarked for the community of Walhalla MI.

The buyer is Beaubark Communications LLC, headed by Alfred S. Kenyon III. Beaubark will pay $210K for it. The buyer and seller are petitioning the FCC for an 18-month extension on the CP, which expires 11/15/09, based on the buyer’s status as an eligible entity.

Walhalla is upstate from Michigan’s main population centers, on the Lake Michigan side. It’s to be a standard full-bore Class A on 98.9 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’. However, it has already applied to move toward the center of the state on the same channel, reducing power to 2.2 kw @ 243’. The new city of license would be Lake Isabella MI.