Midway Games delivers campaign for "Stranglehold"


Midway Games unveiled a multi-million dollar campaign for the highly award-winning Stranglehold release in North America for the Xbox 360 today. The PC and PlayStation 3 versions are scheduled to follow 9/18 and 9/25, respectively. Stranglehold’s campaign is anchored by the Fox Interactive Media campaign which includes the True to John Woo Short Film Contest and the collector’s edition on the PlayStation 3 that features the game and a full-length version of John Woo’s action film "Hard Boiled" together on a PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray disc. The TV campaign kicked off last week with a sneak peak at Stranglehold and the debut of the short film of the True to John Woo Short Film Contest, during the Saturdasian Invasion Film Marathon, on Spike TV. The Stranglehold campaign includes:

National television on mainstream broadcast and cable networks such as Spike TV, ESPN, MTV, USA Networks, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network.
Outdoor such as billboards, bus shelters, trolley cars and wallscapes in top markets including New York, San Francisco and LA Online to top-tier enthusiast and mainstream consumer sites including MySpace, IGN, Team Xbox, IMDB, GameSpot, GamesRadar, and Rotten Tomatoes.
Demo on Xbox LIVE! Marketplace, PlayStation Store and PC.

National pre-sell programs at select retailers, where gamers can pre-order Stranglehold and receive Stranglehold branded items such as a shot glass, Xbox faceplate skin, and a special edition John Woo comic book.