Mighty brand infomercials back on the air


Media Enterprises, the company responsible for the Mighty brand product line, announced that the last infomercials Billy Mays recorded before his death will be aired. The ads will introduce the newest additions to the Mighty product line, Mighty Putty Super Pack and Mighty Tape. Additionally, the company confirmed that Billy Mays television ads for Mighty Putty and Mighty Mendit will now resume after a one-week respite in advertising in recognition of the pitchman’s death.

“We want to honor our friend by airing the infomercials he loved and continuing to introduce consumers to the do-it-yourself products that Billy pitched so well,” said Bill McAlister, president of Media Enterprises. “Will the consumer keep buying products? No one really knows, because this is brand-new territory for everyone. I believe that Billy was so big and so loved that his brand will go on.”

The last commercial Billy Mays recorded for Media Enterprises is for the new Mighty Tape. Billy, in his traditional royal blue and khaki garb, was outfitted in full scuba gear, went underwater and punctured a hole in the hose that went from his mouth to the tank, and fixed the hole using Mighty Tape. “What I’ll miss most, other than his friendship, is those commercial shoots where we always tried to one-up what we did before,” said McAlister.

Billy Mays served as the pitchman for many of Media Enterprises’ products, including Mighty Putty, Mighty Mendit, Ding King, Vidalia Slice Wizard and most recently, the Mighty Putty Super Pack.

Royalties from the Billy Mays’ advertisements will continue to be paid to his estate.