Mighty Brand infomercials take a break for Billy Mays


The companies responsible for the Mighty brand product line, Mighty Putty and Mighty Mendit, announced that television ads featuring Billy Mays will not run for a period of one week in recognition of the pitchman’s death. In agreement with the wishes of the Mays family, Mighty Putty and Mighty Mendit commercials will air again beginning 7/6 after Billy’s funeral.

“After ten years as Billy’s business associates and personal friends there is no doubt that Billy would expect the show to go on,” said Bill McAlister, President of Media Enterprises. “A brief moment of advertising silence seems to be fitting tribute to the world’s greatest infomercial voice. He will be missed.”

Moving forward, royalties from Billy Mays’ commercials for Mighty products will continue to be made to his family.