Mike Francesa videos pulled from YouTube


mike-francesaCBS has ordered Twitter user @WFANAudio to remove dozens of Mike Francesa clips from his popular YouTube page. Mr. WFANAudio broke the news on Twitter: “CBS has claimed copyright infringement on hundreds of videos on my YouTube page, and they have been removed. For the record, I’d like to say, I’ve never made a penny on any of these videos. Just a mongo fan of @WFAN660/Sports. That said, the content is obviously WFAN/CBS, so they can do whatever they want. There will be no further videos posted to my YouTube page.”

When contacted by The NY Daily News, @WFANAudio chose not to elaborate much on his initial tweets, saying that CBS contacted him through YouTube and he was instructed that if any more of his videos were flagged – in total, 88 were flagged and removed – his account would be suspended. @WFANAudio is giving up YouTube cold turkey, announcing that he’ll no longer post Francesa audio or video clips online.

FOX Sports and CBS Radio’s WFAN-AM/FM recently reached a multi-year, multi-media agreement that brings Francesa’s radio show to FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2, live from coast-to-coast.  The weekday simulcast began 3/24.

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