Milners have straight As in Kankakee area


Another cog is being added to a small regional radio group serving the area in and around Kankakee IL to the south of Chicago. The station is WKIF-FM, licensed to that municipality.

The official buyer is Trust B of the Lorin E. Milner Revocable Trust, with Jacqueline Milner listed as trustee. She is also a beneficiary of the trust along with Timothy Milner, Michael Milner, Cheryl Hoffman and Lauren Strinden. Jacqueline’s name is also attached to a more traditional-sounding radio group name: Milner Broadcasting Enterprises LLC.

The seller is WKIF Inc., which is part of Fred Eychaner’s Newsweb Radio operation.
The price will be $1M cash, with an LMA kicking off in advance of closing.

WKIF, a Class A on 92.7 MHz with 3 kW @ 328’, serves the same basic area as Milner’s WVLI-FM Kankakee, another Class A, operating on 95.1 MHz with 2.3 kW @ 367’.

WFAV-FM Gilman IL has a minor amount of overlap to the southern extremity of the WKIF contour. It too is a Class A, on 103.7 MHz with 3.6 kW @ 433’.

The final station does not share any common contour with WKIF. It’s WIVR-FM Kentland IN, one more Class A southeast of Kankakee. It operates on 101.7 MHz with 3.2 kW @ 453’.