Milwaukee FM focuses on local musicians


Top local bands and DJs will be honored later this month, 2/26/09, at a party and networking session sponsored by a local FM station. The event is the 2nd Annual Milwaukee Music Awards, and the station running the show is WYMS-FM, a property of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors operating on the far left of the old-fashioned dial next to the steering wheel at 88.9 MHz. The station’s celebration of the local music scene goes much deeper than once a year – it makes a point of airing work originating from close to home at least once an hour.

RBR/TVBR observation: Being local is radio’s biggest selling point. We’d be doing as much of this kind of thing as we possibly could, especially if a competitor was importing the same old same old from one of the coasts off a satellite dish. We certainly would not concede the field to a noncom.