Mindshare, The Weather Company partner


MindshareMindshare North America and The Weather Company announced a non-exclusive partnership whereby The Weather Company’s WeatherFX data platform is leveraged by Mindshare to inform media decisions with real-time weather insights and triggers.

“There is a clear correlation between weather and purchase decisions in many categories. Every day, people make a myriad of choices based on current and forecasted weather conditions, from what type of food or drink to consume, where to shop, to planning vacations,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Data Officer, Mindshare North America. “Linking TWC’s current and predictive data with algorithmic research findings related to weather-related behavior allows us to shift relevant media to the right person in the moment it will resonate most. This gives us and our clients a clear edge in real-time paid media.”

WeatherFX, The Weather Company’s weather-informed marketing platform, allows the agency to anticipate and react to dozens of local weather conditions across thousands of locations throughout the country simultaneously.

The data is plugged into “THE LOOP,” Mindshare’s proprietary operating system that serves consumer insights in real time that teams act on to “close the loop” of owned, earned, and paid media. Weather data fed through “THE LOOP” spans all weather conditions, as warm, sunny days can move business as much as inclement weather–albeit in different ways and for different products or services.

“We know how frequently weather is a story or plays a role in a story, and are looking forward to partnering with Mindshare on media planning via weather. We know this is a proven strategy and that brands will see significant results from this effort,” said Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer, The Weather Company.

Mindshare experts analyze the impact of weather factors on marketing to shift paid, create owned, and amplify earned media in order to put brand messages in front of consumers when they are most apt to be receptive to a marketer’s message. This includes guiding Mindshare clients’ spends across The Weather Company platforms, including The Weather Channel, weather.com, Weather Underground, and The Weather Channel apps for smartphone and tablet. Weather conditions play a uniquely important role in marketing plans and the partnership promises to bear strong marketing outcomes for the brands in Mindshare’s client roster.



  1. It’s good to see Mindshare recognizing the use of weather, leveraging context and immediacy, to benefit their clients. We know it delivers as CRN International initiated the first weather triggered radio campaigns for Campbell Soup over 30 years ago and we continue to execute them for our clients today. It’s always relevant. Using the reach and immediacy of local radio to drive to retail in advance of storms and extreme cold as well as spring rains, pollen count and summer heat has been extremely effective for our many Mediarology(r) clients over the years. I hope that more agencies, like Mindshare will use radio in their planning because of its effectiveness in these key circumstantial opportunities.

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