Minneapolis charity looking for coupons


Public interest groups in the Twin Cities are trying to make sure nobody there is left behind during the transition to DTV – and if you have an unexpired converter box coupon you won’t be using, they’d like to hear from you. DTV Assistance Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul have teamed up with "Mosquito Productions at FreeDTVShop.com" to get free boxes to citizens facing a variety of challenges. They say a coupon can be donated without being physically transferred: “Anyone from around the country can donate unused, non-expired coupons simply by visiting the website and entering in the information found on a red plastic converter box coupon card.” They provide a space to do so at DonateDTV.com.

"It’s a shame that so many coupons are going unused and expiring," said John Buchmann, owner of Mosquito Productions. "The good news is that once a coupon expires, the funds that were allocated for that coupon are then applied to a new coupon, so there is still a huge opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone who just needs a little help during this confusing transition time. If you have a coupon that you don’t need, don’t let it expire — donate it now at DonateDTV.com!"

RBR/TVBR observation: The Twin Cities DMA was not one of the ones heavily impacted by an early abandonment of analog over-the-air broadcast, so this effort is pointed toward the summer. Which means there’s still time to use this effort as a blueprint for your own DMA.