Mixed judicial decision on Dish’s AutoHop


ABCWalt Disney/ABC failed to get a ruling that would shut down Dish’s AutoHop ad-skipping feature while it pursues judicial remedies against the service. At the same time, an attempt by Dish to dismiss claims made against it by CBS also failed.

The AutoHop feature allows Dish subscribers to skip ads in recorded broadcast programming. According to a Reuters report, ABC was trying to get the service shut down, claiming that it irreparably harms its ability to sell advertising and infringes on its control of its own programming. It believes that terms of contracts between the two parties and ABC’s copyrights have been violated.

According to Reuters, an explanation of the justice’s rationale was pending; it noted that a similar ruling was passed down by the Ninth Circuit Court.

CBS is claiming that Dish should have disclosed the imminent introduction of AutoHop during the last contractual negotiations between the two companies, against Dish’s claim that it had no obligation to tip its hand.

CBS said it was pleased with the ruling, saying that the proceeding will show the difference between what Dish said it knew and what it actually knew, and provide a record upon which to “unwind a deceptive contract.”

Although it didn’t get the immediate result it wanted, ABC also issued positive remarks, noting that this is just “… the first step in the judicial process.”