Mixpo works dynamic video ads into political campaigns


Mixpo, an online video ad technology company, announced its dynamic video advertising solution designed to help political candidates and campaign committees more effectively reach and engage voters.

Utilizing technology that combines video and interactive elements, Mixpo’s dynamic online video ads, or Xspots, expand campaign effectiveness by initiating direct voter engagement. Campaigns are able to deliver Xspots which make use of existing campaign video, run on standard display inventory, are simple to execute and provide a way for campaigns to rapidly optimize online advertising.

Given the upcoming 2010 political mid-term elections, Mixpo is actively participating in the political/issues ad space, because the platform makes it very simple and affordable for candidates to use existing TV ads to target messages to specific geographies and demographics online, and engage voters.

Because Internet advertising has largely consisted of boring banner ads or expensively produced rich media ads, political advertising on the Internet hasn’t been hugely effective in the past. But Mixpo CEO Anupam Gupta tells RBR-TVBR their solution has seen real results and holds promise for 2010 campaigns looking to be cutting edge with their advertising. Because Mixpo Xspots can be changed at a moment’s notice, campaigns have a new way to rapidly respond to a charge from opponents and breaking news in order to keep fresh messages in front of key voters.  Further, Mixpo’s deep analytics and reporting capabilities make it very simple to track, measure and optimize online advertising performance to eliminate waste.

Campaigns, including Scott Brown for U.S. Senate, have already effectively used the Mixpo solution to capture voter attention.  With Xspots, campaigns use targeted video advertising with custom overlays to add interactivity to video advertising.  In addition to allowing voters to contribute or sign up to volunteer for the campaign, Mixpo has now released features specifically designed for political campaigns.  Those include:

• The ability to conduct a viewer poll in the advertisement to gauge voter sentiments.
• Telescoping capability which allows voters to go deeper to find more information about a specific issue or watch an additional video within the same ad.
• A social media toolset including connections to Twitter and Facebook, as well as sharing and blogging tools to help build the campaign’s following.
• Auto-optimization of key messaging and imagery throughout a campaign to deliver better performance.

The ads for the Scott Brown for Senate campaign include a case study.

The Scott Brown case study is also here. 

Also, Scott Brown’s ad with his daughters, which was popular and effective, is here.