A Progressive Push For Consumers, Thanks To Radio


With Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer no longer spending boatloads of cash on their now-concluded bids for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president, the Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report looks a lot like it did two months ago.

A big auto insurance specialist is firmly on top of the latest report, while job search site Indeed is No. 2 — a position that could be impacted by COVID-19 virus worries.

As shown below, Progressive is No. 1 by play count thanks to some 47,438 spots detected for the week ending March 15.

It’s the lone detected activity from the auto insurance category in the latest Spot Ten.

Two QSRs are present, with Wendy’s more active than McDonald’s.

Then, there’s The Home Depot, finishing No. 4 for the week.