Strong And Steady Supporters Of Broadcast Radio


Radio’s advertiser ROI is a story some say isn’t told enough, or well enough, by the industry.

Yet, several top U.S. brands continue to show their commitment to AM and FM radio stations, and in a big way.

One look at the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report confirms this.

The Home Depot is again the big No. 1 on the report for the week ending June 23, 2019, thanks to some 55,618 spot plays detected by iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors.

This accounts for the activity by iHeartRadio, which RBR+TVBR discounts as many of these spots are internal with respect to ad dollar activity and origination of payments.

GEICO is No. 2 while the No. 3 fully paid advertiser using radio is McDonald’s.

These brands are among radio’s strongest, with McDonald’s making a noticeable return after an absence.

Other big brands are Lowe’s, Sprint, Progressive and AutoZone.