A Home Improvement Battle For Radio Listeners


Historically, The Home Depot has been one of the most prolific users of audio advertising to connect with consumers. Of late, however, its biggest competitor had been the bigger user of spot radio, according to Media Monitors data.

That could soon change.

The Home Depot returns to the Spot Ten Radio report for the week ending November 7, thanks to some 35,115 spot plays as part of a new campaign.

Still, that’s just shy of the spot plays associated with Lowe’s, which dips from last week by total rank; RBR+TVBR does not use the rankings as they include iHeartRadio internal and promotional spots, which iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors values in the same fashion as fully paid external commercial messages.

Overall, Indeed remains No. 1 (that’s a ranking that is undisputed).

Among auto insurance specialists, State Farm is the clear winner.