MMTC asks FCC to get it right before moving on diversity


Without a solid definition of the type of companies which would stand to benefit from regulatory measure to increase diversity, MMTC has asked the FCC to do nothing at all, for now. "It is better to have no package at all until the Commission can agree upon a package that will neither confuse the public nor cause considerable harm to minority entrepreneurs," it wrote in a letter to FCC commissioners.

MMTC’s David Honig wrote, "While it appears unlikely that a race-conscious SDB (socially-disadvantaged business) definition could be adopted at this time, it is our hope that as the Commission completes the task of developing an SDB definition that can satisfy strict scrutiny, it can craft an interim classification that will include substantial numbers of minorities and women while also being race-neutral both in concept and implementation."

MMTC suggests using the Commission’s Advisory Committee on Diversity in the Digital Age to set up a review process "which would naturally yield diversity of information and viewpoints and would be predictive of success in a challenging environment." It counsels against adoption of a simple "small business" classification, citing the low percentage of SDB owners in such businesses already in existence.

Honig also pushes for further consideration of several proposals, including must-carry rights for LPTVs and Class A TVs, repurposing television channels 5 and 6 for FM radio, repeal of radio subcaps, and others.