MMTC asks for corrections to diversity package


The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council is generally pleased with FCC efforts to promote minority and female ownership of communications licenses, but believes the FCC erred on two counts. For starters, says MMTC, “If the Commission’s definition of an eligible entity as a ‘small business’ is sustained, minorities and women will remain barely represented in television and radio ownership for years to come.” MMTC notes that in Prometheus, the court OK’d a small business definition, but recommended it be replaced with a well-crafted definition of a socially-disadvantaged business (SDB) which would more specifically promote the goal of promoting diversity. MMTC is disappointed the FCC has shown no inclination to do so. Secondly, MMTC wants the FCC to broaden the investment potential of foreign entities, which it says would be the likeliest source of capital for minority communications entrants, particular among Hispanics. MMTC says the FCC could accomplish an increase in the 25% cap with a declaratory ruling rather than a rulemaking, and that its likely role in increasing ownership diversity is reason enough for the FCC to do so.