MMTC spins Ft. Smith AM


MMTC / Minority Media & Telecom CouncilJust over two years ago Clear Channel donated a quartet of AM stations to a license holding part of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council. It has now filed in its own right to sell the one in Fort Smith AR.

The station is KYHN-AM. It has an STA to be off air at the moment, but that expires in less than two months on 9/25/12, putting the stamp of urgency on the need to do something with the station.

That something will be selling it to Ms. Kim Media LLC, headed by Kim Girdner. The station is being sold under the auspices of MMTC Broadcasting LLC, headed by David E. Honig.

The price will be $50K. $5K has already been deposited and the contract provides for the remainder to be paid in cash. However, Girdner has the right to make upgrades, repairs and equipment replacements to the station, with the seller’s assistance and permission, and will be eligible to reduce the price of the station by as much as $25K.

KYHN is an expanded band AM on 1650 kHz, with the standard 10 kW-D, 1 kW-N, ND parameters that apply to most of the stations licensed north of 1600 kHz.