Mobile devices put intense pressure on retailers


The goal of many retail outlets is to simply get customers in the door – do that, and you not only have the chance to sell them what they’re shopping for, you might also entice them into some impulse buying. But according to a BIGresearch/Prosper Media Insight report, in the brave new world on smartphones, a significant number of consumers are shopping other venues even when standing in the aisle of a brick and mortar store.

The number are fresh – the survey was taken between 12/29/11 and 1/3/12.

It turns out that four and ten do not simply find the item they want and take it to the cash register: 40.6% have actually pulled out their mobile device, checked a price and actually walked right back out the door to buy the item somewhere else.

From the study, here are the top in-store uses for personal mobile devices:
* Compared prices; purchased from another retailer’s physical store: 40.6%
* Read product reviews to decide between products: 35.8%
* Compared prices; still purchased from same retailer: 30.6%
* Scanned QR code to get more information about product: 29.7%
* “Checked in” for a discount: 26.7%

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