More on Clear Channel’s Hawaiian farewell


Today we have more on the Clear Channel license parking project currently being processed by the Federal Communications Commission. The licenses are all headed to Aloha Station Trust LLC under the oversight of Jeanette Tully. Today's data dump includes radio stations representing 13 markets in 11 states. Check that: Another document came in on 6/27/07 for one single station, WPHB-FM, serving the Panama Beach FL market from its city of license of Port St. Joe FL. That brings the total of the parking project to four television stations and 124 radio stations.

RBR observation: We would like to point out our admirable restraint thus far in avoiding making any jokes, observations or allusions linking the name Jeanette Tully and that of the classic British rock outfit known as Jethro Tull. Jeanette Tully. Jethro Tull. See? Unlinked. You can thank us later.

 * Little Rock AR: KHKN-FM (Benton AR)

 * Bakersfield CA: KBFP-AM/KBKO-FM, KDFO-FM/KBFP-FM, KTPI-FM & KRAB-FM  (Bakersfield, Delano, Tehachapi, Greenacres CA)
 * San Jose CA: KCNL-FM (Sunnyvale CA)

 * Columbus GA: WSHE-AM & WBFA-FM (Columbus GA, Smiths AL)

 * Louisville KY: WCND-AM/WKRD-FM, WTFX-FM (Shelbyville KY, Clarkeville IN)

 * Bangor ME: WABI-AM/WWBX-FM, WKSQ-FM, WBFB-FM, WGUY-FM, WVOM-FM & WFZX-FM (Bangor, Ellsworth, Belfast, Dexter, Howland, Searsport ME)

 * Grand Rapids MI: WBCT-FM/WTKG-AM/WBFX-FM/WOOD AM & FM, WMAX-FM & WSNX-FM (Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon MI)

 * Laurel-Hattiesburg MS: WNSL-FM/WEEZ-AM, WUSW-FM/WFOR-AM, WJKX-FM, WHER-FM & WZLD-FM  (Laurel, Hattiesburg, Ellisville, Heidelberg, Petal MS)

New Jersey
 * Sussex NJ: WNNJ AM & FM/WSUS-FM & WHCY-FM (Newton, Blairstown NJ)
New York * Syracuse NY: WWDG-FM (DeRuyter NY)
 * Utica-Rome NY: WOUR-FM/WUTQ-AM, WRNY-AM/WUMX-FM, WADR-AM/WOKR-FM (Utica, Rome, Remsen NY)
North Dakota
 * Lima OH: WLWD-FM (Columbus Grove OH)