More on repurposing Channel 6


Engineer Robert E. Lee has replied to MSTV opposition to a proposal to reallocate spectrum currently used for television Channel 6 and use it instead for FM radio. Another proposal would also annex Channel 5; however, Lee says that much can be done on Channel 6 alone. For example, the five channels from 82.1 MHz to 82.9 MHz could be the LPFM zone, with current LPFM incumbents given ample time to migrate there, enabling a massive increase in allocation possibilities without interference concerns. Likewise, 83.1 MHz-83.9 MHz could become translators for AM daytimers. Finally, the remaining new channels, 84.1 MHz-87.9 MHz would be used to expand the reserved band. Noncoms operating to the north of the current 91.9 MHz reserved band boundary would be given priority to move into the new territory, and the openings created in the commercial band would be used first to eliminate grandfathered short-spacings, and then for new allocations. Lee suggests that the new NCE frequencies between 84.1 MHz-87.9 MHz be maxed out at 50 kw (Class B/Class C2) to maximize capacity.
RBR/TVBR observation: Isn’t this a another perfect staging area for internal warfare among members of the NAB? But it really does seem like a good idea in so many ways, especially if TVs and LPTVs can easily be migrated to new digital territory. If Channel 5 spectrum is roped in for FM as well, it would open up fertile ground for minority-, female- and SDB-ownership in a way no other proposal we’ve seen can possibly even approach. We’re not tech experts, but this sure seems like an idea worthy of further serious consideration.