More than a wrist slap for SLO TV


KidsA number of television stations have been admonished for a fleeting reference to a website during a children’s program – but in the unfortunate case of KSBY-TV San Luis Obispo, there was more to the story.

The station is owned by Cordillera Communications under licensee name KSBY Communications.

Like many NBC affiliates, it aired an episode of “Lazytown” in which a fleeting image of an associated website which contains commercial content was aired during the closing credits.

The infraction occurred when most children were likely not paying much attention, and the inadvertently-included content likely flipped by too fast for them to make a note of it.

Most of the stations that aired it have been admonished with no financial penalty.

But in this case, the FCC also discovered that the station had failed to file its Children’s Television Programming Reports for eight consecutive quarters.

And that will cost it. $3,000, to be precise.