Motivating ad sales teams, 4 tips for success


ryan dohrnClearly, sales are an important part of any media business’s success, and effective sales begin with skilled and motivated sales team. The first step for motivating your sales team—and ultimately achieving sales success—is to get their perspective on what drives them. One phrase to consider involves the three Ps: People are more Passionate when they are involved in the Process.

Ad sales are the lifeblood of any media enterprise. If you ceases to properly sell your product or service, you will succumb to debt and be labeled unvalued. Of course, most businesses today spend vast amounts of time and effort training salespeople on the ins and outs of their developed sales process, but what does one do to continue improving and gaining momentum after one’s team has mastered the basics? How long is simple monetary gain enough to keep a sales team motivated?

Here are four ways to motivate your ad sales team:

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