Motorola going for music service with Zecter buy


Suggesting it is losing patience with Google, as some TV manufacturers may be, Motorola Mobility, the soon-to-be spinoff for Motorola’s mobile business, is making a splash into mobile media with the recent purchase of Zecter. It’s a startup company that helps users store audio and video files online and stream them to mobile devices. Google is working on a similar service for Android-equipped mobile devices.

Zecter services include ZumoDrive, an online backup service focused on audio, video and pictures; and ZumoCast, which lets users stream audio and video files from their PC or laptop to iPhones, iPads, or web browsers.

Motorola has since suspended ZumoCast in order to “enhance” it–presumably to add Android support, according to a Business Insider story, which added that Motorola will continue to operate both ZumoDrive and eventually add Zecter’s technology into its MotoBlur service.

The Android mobile operating system was purchased by Google in 2005, but Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance collaborated to develop and release Android to the world beginning in 2007, so manufacturers don’t have to work with Google. Android has been available under a free software / open source license since 2008. In the spirit of Linux (which Android is based off of), Google published the entire source code.

Motorola and Google have clashed in the past. According to a lawsuit filed earlier this year, Google pressured Motorola to cancel a deal to use startup Skyhook’s location-based services on mobile phones, said the story.