MRC accreditation renewal for Media Monitors


Media Monitors announced that it has received its renewal of Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its radio spot data. Media Monitors first achieved MRC accreditation in 2008.

“It is proof that our processes, methods and the quality of the data we provide our clients are top notch. Hats off to the real solid team work of several hundred people working together for Media Monitors and most importantly, our clients whose continued support allowed us to dedicate the resources needed for quality data,” said Media Monitors President/CEO Philippe Generali.

“The MRC congratulates Media Monitors on successfully renewing its accreditation,” said MRC CEO George Ivie. “Media Monitors continues to demonstrate that it complies with the MRC’s Standards, a recognized benchmark of quality and full disclosure, and importantly their innovative monitoring process continues to impress our audit committee.”

Media Monitors is a subsidiary of Clear Channel-owned RCS. Its Radio Spot Service tracks spots played on radio through its patented audio fingerprinting.