Multi-million dollar deal for Chicago Class A


SoldNRJ Holdings got its start with full power television stations, but it has already bought a large-market low power outlet, along with a troubled full power, during the course of 2012. Now make that three total deals and two low power outlets.

The group, headed by Robert G. Andrews and Ted B. Bartley, among many others, has just filed to acquire WOCH-CA from KM LPTV of Chicago-28 LLC. Kevin Bae signed off on the application for the seller.

The station serves Chicago on analog Channel 41 and is destined for digital Channel 49.
The price for the station is $7.4M cash.

NRJ filed 1/30/12 to acquire WSAH-TV from a debtor-in-possession headed by Lee Shubert, who assumed the licenses from ill-fated Multicultural Television Broadcasting. That deal, filed 1/30/12, went into the books at $12M.

The low power acquisition was W50DZ-D, serving the Philadelphia DMA from Trenton NJ. The station was sold by WZBN-TV Inc., headed by Gregory L. Zanoni, and was worth $3.5M cash. It was filed with the FCC 3/2/12.