Multicultural spins out of Orlando


J&V Communications Inc. is getting its third Orlando and fifth Florida AM station from Way Broadcasting, a company related to Arthur Liu’s Multicultural Radio Broadcasting LLC. The station is WUNA-AM Ocoee FL.

J&V is headed by Jesus and Virgen Torrado. According to broker Doyle Hadden, who handled the deal, Jesus is a veteran of WOR-AM New York and decided to go into ownership upon moving to Florida to “retire.”

The price is $750K cash.

Ironically, although Liu’s stations are generally in the brokered ethnic business, in this case, that is the format J&V is already using on its other Orlando stations – WSDO-AM Sanford and WPRD-AM Winter Park, not to mention on WTJV-AM De Land, in the neighboring Daytona Beach market. (J&V’s other station is WOTS-AM Kissimmee.)

WUNA-AM is not in that format – it operates a Regional Mexican format for a living.

RBR-TVBR observation: Hadden says that station trading is starting to pick up – his words were “getting hot in 2010.” A lot of people will like to hear that.

He also offered a word to the wise. There was a letter of intent to sell this station for about a year. The seller decided to hold out for a little more cash, and of course, that is not the direction prices are going right now. So if you are lucky enough to have a buyer, it is probably time to pull the trigger without any undue delay.

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