Multimedia look at buzzworthy fall TV debuts


People watching TVAccording to’s Tom Surette, the most highly anticipated new programs list for Fall 2014 is not likely to mirror any kind of list based on artistic merit. And one of the programs isn’t really new. Surette’s list does not limited itself to network television.

Surette believes the industry has some problems. He wrote, “…there’s no way for me to put this lightly. This year’s fall television slate looks atrocious, particularly with regard to the dust cloud that is the selection of new network shows.”

Once he got that off his chest, he said that there were some shows that look like fun. He also said that things could very well improve as the season stretches out. Cable networks are limiting their debuts, he said, and the networks are saving some of their most promising material for later.

The tally by media type: Broadcast 5, cable 4, internet 1.

Here then, in reverse order as presented, is Surette’s list.

10. Z Nation, SyFy, Friday 10PM, kickoff 9/12. About zombies and a survivor who might have a cure.
9. The Comeback, HBO, coming in November. Lida Kudrow vehicle isn’t exactly new, but might as well be – last time on schedule was 2005.
8. Constantine, NBC, Fridays, 10PM, kickoff 10/24. From DC Comics, occult themes, demons, monsters.
7. Madam Secretary, CBS, Sundays, 8PM, kickoff 9/21. Woman goes from CIA to Foggy Bottom as Secretary of State.
6. The Chair, Starz, Saturdays, 11PM, kickoff 9/6. Reality show about creating fiction. Two directors work with same screenplay, with finished products screened on Starz and in theaters, with a $250K prize for the best final product.
5. Transparent, Amazon Instant Video, 10 episodes released simultaneously 9/26. Family issues.
4. Red Band Society, Fox, Wednesdays, 9PM, kickoff 9/17. Kids battle life-threatening medical conditions.
3. The Flash, CW, Tuesdays, 8PM, kickoff 10/7. Derring-do from speedy superhero.
2. Jane the Virgin, CW, Mondays, 9PM, kickoff 10/13. From Venezuela, woman accidentally artificially inseminated.
1. The Affair, Showtime, Sundays, 10PM, kickoff 10/12. Two families torn apart by infidelity.

An earlier list of broadcast shows worth checking out from Associated Press’s Frazier Moore is available here.’


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