MundoFox adds three Adelante stations


Adelante Media Group television stations in Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Sacramento have all agreed to affiliate with New Corporation’s new Hispanic television network.

The stations include WBWT-TV 38 in Milwaukee, KBTU-TV 23 in Salt Lake City and KSAO-TV 49 in Sacramento.

Adelante has a second television station in Sacramento in addition to radio holdings in all three of its television markets. Sacramento/Modesto CA Market Manager Gerardo Martinez noted that Adelante will be the exclusive MundoFox outlet in all three.

COO Ed Krampf said, “Today is a great day for Adelante. I cannot express how excited we are to be associated with MundoFox at the beginning of what will no doubt be a game changer in the world of Spanish language television in the U.S.”

Added CEO Jay Meyers, “Adelante is Spanish for ‘moving forward’ and we’ve taken another big step today. There is an old saying that those that do not study history are destined to repeat it, but in this case I’ll change it to those that study history will be lucky enough to repeat it. Today the Fox brand is synonymous with success in television; including having network TV’s top rated shows. In 1985 it was an upstart network trying to break into the big three’s world.  We are extremely confident that MundoFox will duplicate that success in serving the fast growing Hispanic market.”